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Those who participate in musical performance reap countless benefits.

Here are some of the skills students will cultivate at Sac Performing Arts!


Sac Performing Arts students will learn to use their voice as an instrument. With proper vocal technique training, students will learn to sing beautifully and safely -- without "shouting" vocal tones, which can cause permanent damage to a young child's vocal chords. Correct breathing technique will be introduced, as well as basic musicianship. Students will come away with the ability to read basic sheet music, identify key terms and symbols, and correctly count beat and rhythm patterns. 


Students will rehearse basic dance movement and balance in a variety of music genres. In class, students become comfortable with proper technique, groups choreography, and dance steps used in live theatrical performance.


With interactive drama exercises, students improve their basic acting skills. Your performer will become confident with reading and performing a script, basic group improvisation, and portraying various emotions in dramatic situations.

Team Work

Theatre is a fantastic place for kids to learn a variety of life skills, especially team work! Rehearsal and performances require students to rely on each member of the group for a successful show. Students learn to identify their own and others' strengths in a supportive environment that invites artistic exploration and personal growth. Many of our students build friendship and camaraderie through performance.


Performing Arts teaches us that we are capable of doing things we did not think possible. Through the challenges of performance, students learn to trust themselves and believe in their abilities.


The Sacramento Performing Arts Company prides itself in being a place where differences and quirks are celebrated. Students are given a number of opportunities to practice and perform music they enjoy and to explore their personal style. Over time, many parents notice significant improvements in their child's confidence and self esteem.

Self Reflection & Empowerment

Improvisation, acting, live performance, and group work all help young adults and children to explore who they are as leaders and performers. By stepping into different characters and roles, students naturally explore the thoughts and experiences of their characters. The art of performance naturally expands our ideas of who we "should" be and empower us to live authentically.

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