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Private Voice Lessons


Private voice lessons are available for students seeking a more intensive one-on-one training experience. Private lessons are tailored to the individual singer’s vocal needs and strengths. Need help preparing for an audition? Do you have a talent show that you'd love to sing in? Have you been asked to sing for a wedding or a graduation? If you need assistance with any of these challenges, then you've found the right place!


Students in private lessons work on vocal techniques and warm ups at every lesson, as well as applying techniques to a range of songs. Students are also encouraged to study and practice their own style of music in their lessons. Every student is given the opportunity to take their newfound skills to the stage to perform for a live audience.


Private Lesson Registration Information

Weekly Lesson Times:  Monday-Wednesday from 4-8pm

Fee: $45 per half-hour lesson

Contact us to schedule your first lesson FREE!

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