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To register for classes, please fill out the information below and we will contact you to schedule your first class or lesson!

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Please review our policies closely.



All fees are due on the first lesson of each month. If tuition is not received by the 5th of each month, a $10.00 late fee will be billed to your account the following month. This allows us to keep tuition at a minimum cost. 

Upon enrollment in classes or private lessons, tuition for the remainder of the month is due. 1-month notice is required to drop/cancel the class or lessons; failure to give 1 month notice will result in a bill for one month of services.

Missed lessons will not be credited or refunded should a student fail to appear. If Kim has another lesson time available, a make up lesson will be offered. If Kim needs to cancel a lesson, a credit will always be given for the class or lesson.


  • Venmo: @Kim-Cyrus-1

  • Check: Sacramento Performing Arts Company (There is a $35.00 fee for all NSF/ Returned checks.)

  • Zelle

  • Cash


At least one performance opportunity per year will be offered for all students. Once a student decides to be in a performance, this commitment is taken very seriously as a live show has many moving parts. Students are not required to participate in live performances, but are highly encouraged to do so to reap the full benefits of their hard work. Students who perform live gain more confidence, stage presence, and professional poise for auditions or other performance opportunities that will surely come their way.


PERFORMANCE FEE: The Annual Student Showcase usually takes place in June and is optional, but highly encouraged to all students. Showcase/performance fees and tickets are solely for the purpose of paying for theater rental, professional lighting, sound, etc. Should the student cancel, or drop out of the showcase after making this commitment, you are still responsible for the $275.00 showcase fee.   The showcase fee includes all additional weekend classes/rehearsals, all costumes and the theater/tech fee.  

COSTUMES: Students will be responsible for their own standard performance attire (dance shoes, jazz pants, tights, dress slacks, changing leotard etc). Students may be responsible for some items to help supplement their costume, but most all costumes are included and provided for the student. 

PROFESSIONAL DVD/RECORDING: When possible, the performance will be recorded by a professional production company.  Purchasing of DVD's is separate and not included with the Performance fee. 

VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENT: If students participate in a Showcase, parents must volunteer to help with some aspect of running the show. Parents may also volunteer sewing, painting or using other talents instead of working a show, loading in or striking a show ( tearing down afterwards). Putting on a show is a huge undertaking, and our volunteer requirement helps us to keep our costs affordable for everyone. Thank you for all your help!  A volunteer fee can also be paid in place of volunteering time.


TICKETS: Tickets to the Showcases are $21 (subject to change) and are sold separately. 


I  reserve the right to offer the student other options for music study as necessary over the course of a student's study. If I feel that the student would better benefit from more one on one structure rather than in a class setting, I may offer that as an option for the student to enable them to receive the full benefit of music lessons. If at any time I feel that I am unable to serve a student in a manner that would best suit their learning style, I will consult the parent/guardian and the student at that time for other options.

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