Kim Cyrus has been performing for live audiences since she was 11 Years old. She has touched the lives of hundreds of students since 1995 when she began teaching privately. Prior to her career as a vocal instructor, Kim was busy cultivating the lives of young children in a small kindergarten classroom in the Pacific Northwest for 12 years.  Kim began studying piano at age 10 and continued with lessons through high school.  In college Kim studied Voice and Piano and sang in the Competition Choir as well as the Jazz ensemble. Kim began studying musical theater in high school and continued until she left the theater to become a wife and mother, which she still considers her #1 job! Kim has a robust background in musical theater as well. She has played various musical and acting roles in college and community theater since 1980.   Kim currently teaches elementary music for local public schools in the Roseville and Rocklin area and in her spare time, Kim worked as  the vocal and Musical director for River City Theater Company  from 2001 -2016 directing singers ages 7-18  in Live Musical Productions.  Kim has had the honor of being nominated 11 times since 2001 for Best Musical Direction of Young Peoples Theater, by S.A.R.T.A.  Kim is currently directing Musical Theater for children, Teens and Adults at Lincoln Theater Company where she currently has the pleasure of directing The Little Mermaid  for their youth summer theater program. In 2016  Sacramento Performing Arts and Kim Cyrus were nominated for the Best of Sacramento A List for Best Musical Instruction.  Most recently, Kim took 6 of her vocal students to compete at C.A.P.M.T Go For The Gold Vocal competition at Sacramento State University where 5 of her 6 students won high ranking scores,  3 of them taking 1st place overall in their age division.


At Sacramento Performing Arts Company, Kim works hard to help students discover their own voice and how it works, to gain pitch accuracy, exercise muscle and breath control, and to exercise strong vocal technique during practice and performances as well as helping singers to overcome stage fright by offering live performances.


  • 26 Years Private Voice Instructor 

  • Member Music Educators NATS 


  • Performance Specialist  since 2001


  • Musical/Vocal Director of the River City Theatre Company with 11 nominations for best Musical Direction of Young People's Theater  2001-2016


  • Music Panel Judge for Norcal Sings Inc. competitions 2013, 2014

  •   Nominated for Best of Sacramento A List 2016

  • Musical and Vocal Director Lincoln Theater Company  (Currently)



"It is my pledge to do everything possible to help you develop your vocal talents and to grow with you in
your discovery of music.  As a Vocal teacher, I believe that everyone has the right to sing and enjoy beautiful music.  Students are challenged to explore vocal possibilities and expand their horizons.  Each lesson is meant to help the student learn self awareness, self expression and to convey that expression in their singing."

- Kim Cyrus

       Go For The Gold Vocal Competition 
           Kalia Rucker 1st place winner!
                 (Far Right Vocalist)
Vocal students went to compete at the 2017 C.A.P.M.T Go For The Gold Vocal Music Competition and they stole  the    show!  All placing either Bronze or Silver and 3 vocal students  taking 1st place over all!     
                                          I  am so proud of their hard work and accomplishment in  this goal!
        More C.A.P.M.T Go For The Gold  
                        Vocal Winners!
                         (Left to Right) 
Jadine Young, Sofie Fish and Anne Sophie Lacomb won monetary awards for their high scores at this vocal competition!

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