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. Voice training is the process of learning techniques for speaking and singing that allow the performer to produce different sounds and voice qualities. These techniques can be complex, and incorporate posture, breathing, and a solid understanding of how the body physically creates sound.  Music and singing is something that most people can relate to and especially those young folks who love to sing.  There has been much research done over the years, proving that students who are involved in music and the performing arts as they are growing up, often are much more successful in school academics (math and science) as well as having more confidence to speak in front of others or volunteer in a group setting.   I have created this vocal music program especially for the Teen singer as a fun yet challenging way for them to learn about singing, how their voice works and how to sing beautifully and safely without "yelling" or "shouting" out vocal tones which could cause permanent vocal chord damage to the young voice or any voice for that matter.  My vocal program for Teens will give the young performer a solid and safe foundation for singing  that will bring them successful results and a technique that they an rely on for the rest of their Career no matter how old or young they are, and regardless of what music style they prefer.  The vocal techniques I use will give the singer a balanced and blended voice that allows them to sing through all vocal registers with control and ease. 



      Spotlight Singers Vocal Performance Class Details

    Performance and Vocal training for Teens 

     Singing, Acting and Dancing/Musical Theater Training


Spotlight Singers students meet for 2 hours each week for training in singing, acting and dance. The Spotlight Singer spends weekly class time learning how to use their voice as their instrument while being introduced to various music styles that will help train their voice and music that they enjoy.  Teen singers will learn basic musicianship skills such as recognizing note names and reading the music staff, learning to count beats and rhythm patterns as well as learning how to sing vocal melodies and harmonies in a small ensemble setting.  Students in this class learn proper breathing skills for singing and also how to make the best vocal production  they can possibly make.  The class also incorporates fun interactive drama exercises that allow teens an opportunity to learn basic acting skills and get more confident reading a script.  Students will learn how to portray emotions and dramatic situations for their peers while acting out improvised scenes in a small group. The dance portion of the  class  teaches the Spotlight Singers basic movement and body balance, proper warm ups of the muscles and how to do basic choreography with singing on stage for live performance purposes.  

All This training prepares them for their big day on stage! I organize and offer several performing opportunities during the year for the Spotlight Singers to gain experience performing on stage in front of a live audience.


Spotlight  Singers Teen Vocal Performance Class (grades 7-12)

Time/Day:  Mondays 6-8pm

Tuition:   $160/month (flat rate even when students are attending more classes in preparation for performing or there are 5 weeks in the month)