Below you will find a few of the comments we have collected over the years about Kim and the Sacramento Performing Arts.


Supportive, caring, and respected are three words I would use to describe Kim Cyrus. As a student of Kim's at the Sacramento school of performing arts I have had the opportunity to grow as a performer. Whether working on a spotlight stage show or in private lessons Kim has always help me do my best.

Nick Nelson

Student age 15



Playhouse class is fun, fun, fun! You get to sing cool songs. It is fun to be on stage. I like to learn new dance steps. you get to make new friends.


Student, age 8



My daughter, Christine, has enjoyed tow great years working with Kim, both in her group classes and in private lessons. Kim's small, intimate classes give each child a chance to develop and grow musically. Because the program is small, every student gets to perform significant parts, regardless of age or experience.


Kim also creates a warm sense of camaraderie and fun in her classes. Even during the busiest rehearsal times, Kim always treats the students and parents with respect. She's just a nice person!

In Kim's private lessons, she tailors her teaching to the students specific strengths and weaknesses, providing detailed technical instruction. Our daughters's vocal abilities have really grown. Overall, Kim is a wonderful teacher with a great program for all ages.

Margo Miyashiro

Parent of Christine, age 13



We have the pleasure of utilizing Kim Cyrus as a vocal coach and teacher for our son Nick. He has been performing for about 2 years with a local theatre group and needed the skills to continue his growth and confidence. Kim has been teaching Nick in private lessons for about a year and the improvement is magnificent. I can see the confidence level and range of voice and musicality that Kim has given him. My son has always been my "Star" on stage, but now others are beginning to notice his star quality as well.


Thank you Kim for offering diversity of song choice and vocal skills that Nick can use for the rest of his live.

Sue & Dennis Nelson




Learning from Kim Cyrus has been such a rewarding experience. Taking all of Kim's music programs has developed me not only as a singer, but as an artist. I learned how to read music in the Playhouse program, how to harmonize in the spotlight, and how to define my voice and expand my range in private vocal lessons. All of Kim's vocal classes are very beneficial and i highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to become a better singer.

Chaney Corvo Briggs

Student, age 16



My name is Taylor Grossman and I have been with Kim Cyrus for a few years now. I started out with singing lessons with Kim then she brought me to her Spotlight Sensations classes where I have met some awesome people and got a great one-on-one and group experience. After a few years with just participating in her Spotlight class, I got involved with River City Theatre Company where she is the Vocal Instructor. Kim provides many options that work for each individual and what they, personally, are looking for. Kim truly establishes a relationship with her students not only through sing and performing, but on a personal level as well. To me, this makes working with her a very comfortable and fun experience to learn and grow. Kim has been working with kids and adults for many years and can relate on many levels. I consider Kim to be a good friend of mine and she has helped me grow as a person and as a performer. I have and will continue to recommend Kim Cyrus to anyone who is interested!

Tyler Grossman

Student, age 16



My two girls, now 8 & 9, have been in two Playhouse shows with Kim. It has been amazing to watch their personalities blossom. Playhouse is more than just singing and dancing, it has been a place that is safe for the girls to gain confidence in who they are as people. My youngest daughter’s teacher at school has commented on how much she has come out of her shell. They have also learned that performing on stage is a “team” effort and they all watch out for each other, making sure every one of them has a great experience. And it is so nice that they love going to class each week! Thanks Kim for offering such a great program for the children.

Tracy Roberts




Kim's class has helped give me courage to get up in front of an audience and sing or give a speech at school. I love to learn about the different types of music and dance. The shows are really fun and it gives everyone a chance to perform and do a solo.


Student, age 9



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