Private vocal lessons are available for students who prefer a more intensive and focused one-on-one training experience. Private lessons are for students age 12+ unless the student has taken group classes first or approved by Kim. Private lessons are tailored to the individual singer’s vocal needs and strengths. Exercises and warm ups are similar to those used in class settings, but are achieved one on one. Students in private lessons will work on vocal techniques and warm ups at every lesson, as well apply vocal techniques to assigned songs. Students are also encouraged to study and practice their own style of music in their lessons. Private lessons are offered Monday- Wednesday from 4pm-8pm. They are 30 minutes once per week. Lesson tuition is $38/lesson. Please see the registration form for more detailed information about requirements and fees. 



Need help preparing for an audition? Do you have a talent show at school that you'd love to sing in? You've been asked to sing for a wedding or a graduation and you are at a loss for music? If you need assistance with any of these challenges, then you've found the right place! Anyone interested in trying out vocal lessons or classes with Kim at the Sacramento Performing Arts Company can try out their FIRST LESSON FREE OF CHARGE!
I want every student to feel comfortable and confident in their learning environment. To make a no-obligation appointment, email, call, or text Kim at 916-541-5473.


It's a great day to be singing at The Sacramento Performing Arts Company!




    GRADES 7-12

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